Making the switch…

After years of chastising my brother and any other Mac-head, I’ve made the big switch over to Mac(tel).  At home, I’m using a new iMac for my office, and then a Mini in our bedroom for movie watching (see earlier post re: media pcs).

While home-use is one thing, I just got a MacBook Pro at work, which will be the biggest change.  Couple of reasons for doing so:

  • The ability to run both Mac OS X and XP (via either Bootcamp or Parallels, hopefully VMWare soon) on the same hardware vs. carrying around multiple laptops.
  • Adobe Connect (formally Macromedia Breeze) is a cross-platform solution, so the MacTel provides the opportunity to work with both Mac and Windows on the same hardware.

Couple of things I’m enjoying already:

  • Everything "just works…"  For a long-time Windows-user, this is very strange but enjoyable 😉
  • Smackbook – virtual desktops through a "tap" on the monitor
  • Adium – great piece of software, such a better user experience than native IM clients (won’t name you guys…)
  • The huge list of open source applications I can run on either Mac, XP, or Unix.

For business apps like Office/Outlook, I’m going to still have to rely on the XP instance running on the Mac.  The Mac versions just don’t cut it when working with a large number of users who rely on Office to collaborate.

For software companies/product managers/developers/QA, I really don’t see the point of using any other hardware given the broad platform support you get at the tip of your fingers…

My First Post

head    Here’s the obligatory “first post” to explain what this blog is all about. The summary is that this blog will generally cover technology discussions which I’m following at the moment, the occassional family post, and every now and then, something which doesn’t fall into one of the previous two categories. I encourage active discussion on posts, so please do comment!