Random Email Stats…

A wise man once said:  "Don’t confuse motion with progress."  That could also be applied to email volume.  I use X1’s desktop search engine on my work computer, which indexes all of my email/attachments/docs/etc…  I am a pack-rat with email, and have archived every single email I’ve received at my current company.  I was recently in a meeting where we were discussing email proliferation and our reliance on it as a collaboration tool, and I decided to run a couple of queries with X1 to see what my usage looked like.  Here’s this relatively useless, but scary, information:

Range:  From June 2003 – December 5, 2006

Received Email Stats:

  • Total Emails:  130,000 emails
  • Total Emails with attachments:  31,341
  • Top Email Sender (either To or CC’d me):  4194 (and counting)
  • PowerPoint Presentations Sent to me: 1199 (and counting)

Sent Email Stats:

  • Total Emails I’ve Sent:   32,417 emails
  • 2004 Emails Sent:  8704 emails
  • 2005 Emails Sent:  9293 emails
  • 2006 Emails Sent (and counting):  11,332 emails

All of this totals up to about 8GBs of information sitting in several .pst files on my computer.  Does any of this total up to productivity?  Hmmm…