Airplane seating – a better way

Airplane Seating – There’s got to be a better way…

I had a cancelled flight this morning, and ended up being placed on the next flight out. This meant a reassigned seat, and lucky for me, it was the middle seat between two large adults. If you’ve sat next to me before in an airplane, then you are aware I have fairly broad shoulders, which will end up annoying you pretty quickly. Couple my shoulders with my tendency to fall asleep almost instantly with my head way back and my mouth wide-open, and you’ll be looking for the parachute.

Today, I wasn’t getting much sleep with these large people surrounding me, so I thought about what could possibly help my situation. The first and most obvious was not to travel. Second, charter a plane. So with two strikeouts, what was next? Ding Ding Ding. I looked across the way and saw these three small people in the seats across from us. As I jealously eyed the person in the middle seat, it dawned on me that there is probably a pretty simple solution to broad-shoulder-thunderdome:

Most travellers today are using frequent flyer programs to benefit from their suffering. Why not include a profile attribute which contains your shoulder-width? This could then be used to calculate optimized seat-assignments for the greater-passenger-good! How hard could that be?

2 thoughts on “Airplane seating – a better way”

  1. Should also contain waist size, which can be quite larger than shoulder width, and spill over arm rests in frightening ways.

  2. Perfect!

    Match someone having broad shoulders with someone with pair like shape waist and there’s a perfect match 😉

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