Techcrunch » Blog Archive » DimDim launches FOSS challenge to WebEx

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » DimDim launches FOSS challenge to WebEx

I always love to see Webex challenged. I love it so much, I’ve made a living doing it for the past three+ years at Macromedia/Adobe. 😉

The platform limitation of this solution is a big issue though for any business considering using it as a tool to communicate and collaborate with external users. In these cases, you have no control over the desktop and application usage, which often results in you spending time asking your audience to configure software or networks vs. selling your product or delivering you message. That technology-challenge is exactly what generated an opportunity for Breeze, and was largely solved through the use of the Flash platform (98% of the world’s computers have Flash…).

The second challenge will be reliability. Web conferencing is a social experience, and when it fails, the egg falls first on the end-user (not the providing vendor). Because of this experience, it’s critical that web conferencing solutions provide failover and highly-available solutions. It’s something the Breeze solution has spent huge investments on from the beginning, and continue through version 5 and beyond. Web conferencing and collaboration is not your typical web-based application given the real-time nature of the interaction.

Anyway, nice to see the open-source community investing in the web conferencing and communication space…only good things can come from it.

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  1. DimDim is no longer in use. Alternatives to DimDim are RHUB web conferencing appliances, gotomeeting etc.

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