Two+ Years Later…

Photo By Gleb Tarro

This blog has been dormant for more than two years now, which is easily explained:  my adventures with ConnectSolutions have been a complete consumer of time.  Fortunately, it has been an incredible experience, and I now find myself extremely proud of what we our team has accomplished to-date, and more than ever, I’m fired-up about the opportunities ahead.

A quick recap of what’s happened at the company.  In the previous two and half years, we have:

…and we are just getting started!  It’s been an incredible journey over these “short” two+ years, and I’ve learned an incredible amount from our successes and failures.  Time allowing, I’m going to try to share some of those experiences on this blog as payback to the many resources I found on the web which led to my eventual decision to jump into the start-up world.  I hope you enjoy.